Project Controls Integration and Automation

Knowledge Relay is the Energy industry leader in Project Controls-related application/data integration, reporting, and information process automation. We help clients get their applications working together to produce consistent, reliable, actionable information - and we automate the entire process, from data to decisions. Systems are synced, reports are created (and posted), all on schedule or ad hoc.

Find out why more than 75% of all nuclear power facilities in North America use Knowledge Relay products, people, and solutions.
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Application/Data Integration
Information Delivery
Knowledge Relay links up all of your systems so you can create world-class reports and metrics. Connect SAP® PS/PM with Oracle® Primavera, IBM® Maximo with spreadsheets from departmental systems - Use a tool that can handle diversity.
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Take advantage of Knowledge Relay's deep domain experience to create industry-specific reports and metrics - even using historical data - even integrate them into your existing Oracle P6 web environment.
Streamline your information flow by setting up data moves and reports to process automatically, on a schedule.
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